Fitness: A Modesty Loophole


Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion. – Proverbs 11:22

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I am a former marathoner and currently maintain a healthy activity schedule. I follow fitness boards. I prepare real food for my family. I exercise along with instruction videos. I value wellness and applaud those who desire to be fit and truly healthy. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to condone the allowances made for the sake of “fitness.” Continue reading


Why We Iced Frozen

Let me start by suggesting any Disney movie ban would be fairly easy to justify. This post will focus on Frozen, the highest-grossing animated picture ever. When I watched Frozen for the first time I was appalled mostly by how lame the plot was. My 3-year-old flat out said, “I don’t like this movie” and that made me happy. I was bored. I will not waste any space in this post with detailing the inconsistencies or even my own opinion. Continue reading

Your Grocery Budget and Keeping it a Priority

Family budgeting is an amazing tool to help keep priorities in line and waste at a minimum. With a smaller income, a budget is important for ensuring bills get paid and food is on the table. The same is true for a large income where the danger becomes nonchalant and comfortable spending. A budget creates a boundary for spending, a security zone for the earnings of hard work and sacrificed time. Continue reading

Without a Goal You’ll Never Score

There’s a tense rivalry between stay/work-at-home-moms and mother’s who work outside of the home. I’ve been a member of both elitist clubs and can attest to the opposing challenges. What’s lacking in our efforts to prove devotion is real validation that should be connecting sisters. Mommy business, taken seriously, is never a thing to scoff at. Circumstantial differences that impose labels (stay-at-home, work-from-home, single, self-employed, full-time, etc.) are inherently biased. The only factor enabling tension is every mother’s primal drive to reinforce the importance of her role. The role of mother.

Being alive and being a human being are two challenges we face daily. Then there’s the struggle to raise other living, human beings which is, without a doubt, worlds harder. There should be no energy lost in trying to keep pace with another woman caring for her completely different humans. There should only be love and encouragement and motivation and prayer. These mothers, me and my sisters, should pour into each other. We should lift each other up and acknowledge that although we may be superficially different and incompatibly wired our good Lord made no mistake in giving his sweet babies the mommies He did.

Our focus as continually evolving adults should be our own progression. We need to focus on where God is calling us and where our children will thrive and where our hearts can serve. We need to offer encouragement and truth where we can, but we are only accountable for ourselves.

My newest form of growth has presented itself in the form of song writing. I’ve always loved music. I love to sing. Like belt it out, would-have-done-it-for-a-living-if-anyone-would-pay-me singing. My family unit is 5/6ths musical, unless you count “knives” as a real talent, sorry, Ry. But there’s rarely an opportunity to hit the last notch on the stereo volume or even keep up with radio. So, I set a goal to write one song per day for one week minimum (my husband said not to put a cap on my “creativity”). It’s been two days. I’ve written two “songs.” Honestly, they probably suck. But I’m loving it.

Make a goal or goals for yourself. Stop yourself from focusing on other moms and focus on you and your beautiful children (and your husband too, don’t forget about all that good stuff). Don’t give anyone else the power to say what you should do or who you should be. That is why we pray. Be who you are when it’s not up to every other mom you think is watching.  (Warning, gigantic MOPS plug ahead) Be you, bravely.

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