Christians Are Conspiracy Theorists

Conspiracy (n) : the act of secretly planning to do something that is harmful or illegal

Theory (n) : a set of principles on which the practice of an activity is based

This is not an insult, not to a Christian. When the world hates us, we keep in mind that it hated Jesus first. If we belonged to the world, it would love us as its own. As it is, we do not belong to the world, but have been chosen out of the world. That is why the world hates us (John 15:18). It is no surprise. We have been warned and instructed to “put on the full armor of God, so that we will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil” -Ephesians 6:11. Continue reading


Why We Iced Frozen

Let me start by suggesting any Disney movie ban would be fairly easy to justify. This post will focus on Frozen, the highest-grossing animated picture ever. When I watched Frozen for the first time I was appalled mostly by how lame the plot was. My 3-year-old flat out said, “I don’t like this movie” and that made me happy. I was bored. I will not waste any space in this post with detailing the inconsistencies or even my own opinion. Continue reading

Your Grocery Budget and Keeping it a Priority

Family budgeting is an amazing tool to help keep priorities in line and waste at a minimum. With a smaller income, a budget is important for ensuring bills get paid and food is on the table. The same is true for a large income where the danger becomes nonchalant and comfortable spending. A budget creates a boundary for spending, a security zone for the earnings of hard work and sacrificed time. Continue reading

Minnie Adventure, Big Sur

We just arrived home from a New Year’s Minnie Winnie trip to Big Sur. A last minute trip. I guess I thought that my image of Big Sur was enough to formulate a proper plan for this trip. I nonchalantly left the details to my wonderful husband (who delightfully came through on 2/3 of the lodging reservations) and decided to continue my apathetic Christmas recovery/lazy-pregnant-woman-“I-grew-an-arm-today” M.O. Of course, my image was wrong and I was overdressed (“camping” was not a part of the image) and under-prepared (no ergo-baby, no stroller, no toys, limited food, and more!), but, alas, it was a glorious adventure. Continue reading

Moment of Weakness and Gratitude

Here it is. My “moment of weakness” post. I finished sobbing about 2.3 minutes ago. But trust me, I’d carry on if nap time weren’t coming to an end. I can hear rustling, which means it’s grown up time again.

My day started off marvelously. My kids were wonderfully behaved. I steam cleaned 3 bedrooms and a hallway. I had laundry folded AND put away. We played outside, went for a walk and both children actually fell asleep at nap time. I was feeling awesome. (But don’t start to think I’m some super mom. My daughter also fell out of her hi-chair -unharmed- and you wouldn’t eat off my kitchen floor to save your life). So, aside from the fall and dirty floor, I was feeling pretty darn good.

I’ve got a craft fair tomorrow night where I will be selling my laundry soap. The ingredients are coming tonight. That gives me a whole entire day to make all the laundry soap. A whole day! Oh, let me fill you in- I’m also expecting baby number three. So yes, I’m exhausted, nauseous, cranky, and I just want to lay in a pile on the couch all day is that too much to ask? My two darling children think so. Anyways, back to the awesome soap I feel obligated to share with the world.

I felt like I’d ride the momentum wave of achievement and whip up a batch of soap with my last available ingredients. And then my blender started to leak. And then my blender exploded. And soap went everywhere. Oh, and then I tried to clean it up, and I was electrocuted by the stupid blender. Remember I’m pregnant? So, then the sobbing started. Angry, scared sobs. Stupid blender. Stupid soap everywhere.

So, the internet has reassured me that everything inside is A-OK. Thank you internet. I have an upcoming ultrasound scheduled. And really, it was just a quick shock to my hand. I’m better now. I’m so grateful for women who share their ridiculously embarrassing and WTH moments with us. I like to be reminded I’m not the only doofus out there, and I’m definitely not the largest. I guess that is the point of this post – to share an embarrassing piece of my life. Maybe you’ll feel more awesome now.

(Inner monologue: Really? Eh, it’s already written. Might as well publish. Momentum.

I seriously need a Kit Kat)

Better Than You is Good Enough

There is someone in this world who is better than you at something, or everything. For those who deny this, thank the sanes (wonderful Baby Hannah English) that you are so beautifully wrong. If it were not for those people you might be proud, you could be content, or even fulfilled. What a sadly blasphemous life that would be. It is the glorious nature of blessings individualized and talents diversified that we can truly appreciate struggle and growth, labor and reward.

I am so grateful for the awesome people of this world, past and present. Even more so for those of the future to spur my children on. There is so much to be learned, so much to explore and discover. What a precious adventure this life is.

One of my awesome people is my brother. He has a beautiful, hard-working wife and three amazing and very talented (read “busy”) children. While maintaining his Monday through Friday, 8-5 he has managed to earn his Bachelor’s Degree, advance at work, engage in church, maintain a close social circle and enjoy his wonderful family. Wow. Also, in his “spare” time, he develops apps. Whoa. His first is great for any well-meaning husband, “Husband Hero” and his second is just so much fun. Grid Rush. If you haven’t played it yet, well, read the first sentence and catch up!

It is a wonderful thing to strive. It is our purpose to set a goal and reach. It is a true blessing that so many others have paved a beautiful route. I encourage you to embrace the awesomeness in others as fuel to drive you further.