Beautifully in Over My Head

My heart has been desperately seeking to be enveloped in Christ. It’s a daily struggle to check my emotions and have Him renew a right spirit within me. Sometimes routine gets in the way of my growth. Running on autopilot is an easy way to forget I’ve been called to do more than just my tasks at home. There is a purpose for me outside of the normal activities of being a human adult. In fact, that’s my bare minimum. That’s flesh. I’m spirit.

I came across this song, divine intervention, perhaps. I’ve been listening for days and still find every bit of it beautiful. I know I am not alone in my yearning. I was lead to read I’m All In this morning and felt the need to share this song, this prayer with you.

We’re standing on a beach, our back to the world. Our feet tingle as the water washes over them and ebbs away, calling us to follow. We look out ahead and see nothing, but know there’s an entire lifetime of discovery hidden under the surface. Some of us wade in just knee-deep, and some of us take up our knees and fearlessly cannonball into the unknown. Either way we’re out where we’ve never been.

And then He crashes over us. He envelops us, and His current takes us on a journey always meant for us. We lose control and are free. We go deep to where he wants us to be, and He is our oxygen. We sink or we swim, but we’re beautifully in over our heads.


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(Photo courtesy of Adam Opris)


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