Better Than You is Good Enough

There is someone in this world who is better than you at something, or everything. For those who deny this, thank the sanes (wonderful Baby Hannah English) that you are so beautifully wrong. If it were not for those people you might be proud, you could be content, or even fulfilled. What a sadly blasphemous life that would be. It is the glorious nature of blessings individualized and talents diversified that we can truly appreciate struggle and growth, labor and reward.

I am so grateful for the awesome people of this world, past and present. Even more so for those of the future to spur my children on. There is so much to be learned, so much to explore and discover. What a precious adventure this life is.

One of my awesome people is my brother. He has a beautiful, hard-working wife and three amazing and very talented (read “busy”) children. While maintaining his Monday through Friday, 8-5 he has managed to earn his Bachelor’s Degree, advance at work, engage in church, maintain a close social circle and enjoy his wonderful family. Wow. Also, in his “spare” time, he develops apps. Whoa. His first is great for any well-meaning husband, “Husband Hero” and his second is just so much fun. Grid Rush. If you haven’t played it yet, well, read the first sentence and catch up!

It is a wonderful thing to strive. It is our purpose to set a goal and reach. It is a true blessing that so many others have paved a beautiful route. I encourage you to embrace the awesomeness in others as fuel to drive you further.


Thank you for reading. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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