Grown-Up Time

I’ve been encouraged to expand my most recent post, Without a Goal You’ll Never Score. Here goes:

I’m somewhat an expert on the struggle to judge not. If we’re honest with ourselves, we’d be out fingers and toes when counting the things we think mom’s might be doing a teensy bit… not the way we’d do it. It’s a fact of mom life. We’re all continually learning from mistakes and raising children who change one day to the next. Or from one nap to the next (but at least they’ve slept. Hallelujah). It’s part of mommy R&D. What’s working, not working, etc.

It’s a very separate issue to receive endless criticism from “dear” friends. We can often tell what is constructive and what is plain vindictive. My husband often calls this “grown up time,” when real decisions that affect real life must be made.

First, find your own convictions. Put yourself under scrutiny and seek out your true motives. Shed your pride and move forward in grace, with prayer.  “Accept, forgive and love” (thank you, Jesus and Jerry Cook).  If friendly fire continues, then scrape ’em off.  Life is too short and our children are too important to put up with the malicious endeavors of bitter people. (I’m also becoming an expert in learning to handle this).

That’s all I’ve got. God is love and if you’re a vessel of his Holy Spirit, you’ve got to be love too. You are also allowed to choose who you spend your time with. It’s scary and it’s wonderful. The end.

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