ABC Jesus Loves Me: Free Homeschooling Curriculum

[I am not affiliated with ABCJLM. I am simply a very pleased consumer]

My son is 3 years old. I started home-preschooling him less than a year ago, and my goal is to continue to homeschool through elementary…if it’s still legal. A friend told me about this wonderful site called “ABC Jesus Loves Me” where you can print everything you want from their website 100% free or opt to buy bound workbook materials (which I did and am very happy with).

The website is laid out very clearly and is easy to navigate. They offer lesson plans for ages 2-5, additional activities relevant to the lessons and also book referrals. The lessons follow the normal school year and incorporate holidays and seasons into the learning. They teach the normal preschool curriculum in addition to bible verses, stories and songs. Continue reading

Thank You, Moms, for Understanding


 This is mom reality. There is nothing sacred. No time that is just mine. There are these precious little things that follow me wherever I go that want to be a part of every moment of my life. Nothing could take away their constant enthusiasm to be ever present in even my mundane activities of daily living. They want to witness every breath and be in arms reach with every movement. Although it drives me crazy at times, I can’t help but be thankful for the little stinkers that just love me so much. Continue reading

Herb Illiteracy and An Easy Shrimp Recipe

I stumbled upon a lone marijuana plant in my very own backyard garden. I counted down the minutes until my husband walked through the door, knowing my children would be confiscated if I’d sent him a picture or discussed over the phone the weed(s) growing near our home. My nervousness quickly turned to sheer pride when my husband pointed out my herb illiteracy. Continue reading

Beautifully in Over My Head

My heart has been desperately seeking to be enveloped in Christ. It’s a daily struggle to check my emotions and have Him renew a right spirit within me. Sometimes routine gets in the way of my growth. Running on autopilot is an easy way to forget I’ve been called to do more than just my tasks at home. There is a purpose for me outside of the normal activities of being a human adult. In fact, that’s my bare minimum. That’s flesh. I’m spirit. Continue reading

Fitness: A Modesty Loophole


Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion. – Proverbs 11:22

(post edited: censored images removed due to readers’ unanimous support of post content)

I am a former marathoner and currently maintain a healthy activity schedule. I follow fitness boards. I prepare real food for my family. I exercise along with instruction videos. I value wellness and applaud those who desire to be fit and truly healthy. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to condone the allowances made for the sake of “fitness.” Continue reading